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contact pins

Custom thermally cracked test probes from eucrea contacts

eucrea contacts is your expert for thermally cracked contact pins. Our company specializes in the production of customized contact pins in various metal alloys. We offer you thermally cracked test probes in a wide variety of designs made of round and square wire. The angling of the pins can be manufactured according to your specific specifications and provided with individual embossing.

   Wire diameter:

  • round wire 0.49 to 2.0mm

  • Square wire 0.6 to 1.1mm

  • Length: 5mm - 90mm


  • wing embossing

  • corrugated embossing

  • special embossing

  • Bending according to customer requirements


Advantages of thermal contact probes

Our thermally cracked contact probes offer you a number of advantages over other types of contact probes:

The convex tip allows the pen to be used smoothly and without edges

Thermally cracked contact pins require lower insertion forces, which increases their service life

Reliable contacting with high mating cycles is made possible

surface coating

Through our competent partner in the field of surface coating, we offer our customers comprehensive know-how in the field of technical refinement and deliver your contact probes as a complete package with the desired surface. 

Our thermal process

Thermal cracking is a separation process that is assisted by the use of a current pulse. With this high-precision and efficient machining process, eucrea contacts separates wires without burrs and creates a convex pin tip. This geometry helps to reduce the insertion forces and the associated risk of abrasion compared to stamped contacts. 

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