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Our company, Eucrea, offers companies an ideal outsourcing partner for production processes. We specialize in the assembly of manual and semi-automated assemblies and offer you the complete solution - from purchasing materials to assembling end devices. Due to the advantage of our Polish location and the German one quality awareness we can offer you significant cost savings at high quality standards.

Through our outsourcing service, we minimize risks associated with production and ensure transparent communication and a smooth process. Our specialists have special production knowledge that will help you to react more flexibly to changing market conditions. We always strive to improve our services individually adapted to your needs to give you the best possible results. Choose Eucrea as your outsourcing partner to focus on your core competencies and save costs.





manual & semi-automated assembly service according to customer requirements


Procurement and storage of the components


Quality control and rework according to your requirements


extensive packaging and logistics services


Your benefits at a glance

Price advantage due to the location in Poland

Quality awareness according to German standards

Contact person in German / English / Polish 

Central and flexible organizational control

Takeover of warehousing

in-house logistics service

risk minimization


Proximity and flexibility creates trust.
Eucrea has been a reliable system supplier in Poland since 2008.
Lubin is located 120 km from the German border and is therefore an ideal partner for optimally combining the advantages of our Polish location and German quality awareness.
The short distances enable our customers to keep inventory to a minimum and have a high level of flexibility.
Feel free to contact us to learn more about our outsourcing service.

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